Introducing Recovery Review (Alpha)

I’d like to apologize for something and then give a good reason for it.

The Sunlight Foundation is a fantastic organization that pushes for government transparency and every once in a while, they run a contest. This year, the contest is “Design for America“. It started in early March is meant to be a 10 week design contest with several categories for entries.

When the contest started, I didn’t think I had time to build the project I wanted to build because I had a major professional conference in April. But after the conference ended, I decided I might still have time to hack something together. And hack I did.

My project is called “Recovery Review” and is meant to be a way to crowd-source the task of checking the stimulus data.

Users can search through the stimulus data given a couple key variables and get a report of the stimulus projects that match their search. They can then expand the item to a full view (the “+” icon in the top right corner) and then flag the item if it has any inaccurate or questionable data. They can also add a link if there is a news article or blog post discussing that specific project.

So, please, be my test users if you have some time. Head over there and look through the data. If anything in the data seems inaccurate to you, flag it and add to our database of what items are accurate and what items are inaccurate.

And let me know here if you have any errors. I’m still working on refining parts of the project, but anything that breaks the project is going to be of the highest importance to me. Thanks!


  1. strin012 says:

    I like the idea. I would like to be able to search or sort by Congressional District, too. It’s in the details when you open the window, but not when you scroll through the big list.

  2. Hutch says:

    so is my math right

    $294,319 per job saved or created!

    if the the government gave me $294,319 i would pay 7 people $40,000 to work around my house for a year.

  3. David DeBois says:

    Your attention to detail along with your ownership of data intrigues me. I found your website while doing research for town hall meetings that I’m about to host. Although I have had economist, financial experts and politicians listen and look at my work (all of which tell me to keep pushing the project forward), I would appreciate it if you had a look at how I believe our economy can responsibly get out of the mess we are in. Please go to