Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25

  • Dear @autotunethenews, quit hogging the world's supply of awesome or it will be forcibly redistributed. #
  • @collegepolitico I have one determination on ATTN… was it funny? If yes, then they did a good job. in reply to collegepolitico #
  • Iranian cleric: Promiscuous women cause quakes. They certainly did when I was in college #
  • RT @mkhammer | Damn Republicans, inspiring violence against themselves… #
  • Chart of tax revenue in 2009 vs. 2010. Suck. #
  • .@MarcAmbinder has 10 ways to beat obesity. Guess how many involve more gov't. Go on! Guess! #
  • @alexlundry I seems my tea is frosty. I just don't get too angry about too many things 🙂 in reply to alexlundry #
  • @marcambinder The fallacy is in assuming that the solution for my weight problem falls to you (or some politician) in reply to marcambinder #
  • @marcambinder We could make fat like cigarettes and stigmatize fat people with PSA's. That couldn't possibly backfire. 🙂 in reply to marcambinder #
  • @sarahk47 I'm confused. Does #LOST just take #Buffy ideas and provide less explanation and no resolution? in reply to sarahk47 #
  • "This is terrible! Now Twitter will be overrun with useless, annoying messages" Heh #
  • There will apparently be a new $100 in 1 hour #
  • Regulations are so awesome. Remember how campaign finance reform got the money out of politics? #
  • Ah, I love the smell of self-destructive clients in the morning. #
  • RT @mitrebox: New $100s already useless. Nobody has that much money anymore. #
  • RT @IMAO_: RT @michaeljnelson: Tomorrow, I'd ask that you celebrate a low key Earth Day so as not to make Wind and Fire feel bad. #
  • Just noticed my credit card rate in now 30%. Good thing we stuck it to those damn credit card companies, huh? #
  • @collegepolitico How many times do I have to tell you, conservative minorities aren't people. You're allowed to be racist to them. in reply to collegepolitico #
  • @joemcguire Not if you pay it off every month. 🙂 in reply to joemcguire #
  • @JonHenke Are you talking about Ronald Reagan, the dope smoking homosexual? in reply to JonHenke #
  • Somewhere, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are high-fiving each other #
  • @dmataconis 70%? That's almost as many as opposed Obamacare. Let's do it anyway! They'll get used to it. 🙂 in reply to dmataconis #
  • Google sent me a brand new Droid today. Is my loyalty so cheaply purchased? Yes. Yes it is. #
  • Started rewatching Deadwood for 3rd time tonight. Possibly the greatest western epic outside John Ford #

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