Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

Sunday, January 24

  • Gold medal speed skater @chadhedrick spoke at my church this morning about dedication to Christ. Inspiring #

Monday, January 25

Tuesday, January 36

Wednesday, January 27

  • Christopher Hitchens knows more about real Christianity than most Christians #
  • @mr_ubercart I really want to see it. Douglas Wilson is something of a twisted genius… much like Hitchens in reply to mr_ubercart #
  • BREAKING! The new iPad is exactly what everyone thought it was going to be. #
  • Since Steve Jobs started showing off the iPad (creepiest name ever), Apple stock has dropped 2% #
  • RT @willwilkinson: iPad looks pretty. I will wait a year to try an Android tablet at 1/2 the price. | heh #
  • @pinkelephantpun “why do I need an iPad?” How can you resist kindly ol’ Uncle Steve? in reply to pinkelephantpun #
  • @amarygma I’m in the same boat. I got a $400 HP tablet about a year ago. No multi-touch and less battery, but… in reply to amarygma #
  • So… is Apple going to walk us through what a Macbook can do w/o a keyboard or show us something new? #
  • As soon as they announced the $500 pricing, Apple stock shot up a ton. #
  • Most companies nickel and dime you with accessories. Apple Grant and Franklins you. #
  • The iPad: Finally, a device you can use when you’re between the Macbook on your desk and the iPhone you left in your car #
  • #littleknownfeaturesofiPad Will tuck your children into bed when you’re away #
  • Waiting for the feminine product iPad jokes to fade… dear god, please… #
  • @sarahk47 Of the telepromter? Or the President? in reply to sarahk47 #
  • RT @IMAO_: There is no ‘i’ in “team” unless it’s one of those newfangled iTeams. #
  • I’ve seen the future & it’s a big ass phone with no camera, no GPS & no keyboard #iPad #
  • I’ve seen the future & it’s a big ass phone with no camera, no GPS & no keyboard… and no phone #iPad #
  • @collegepolitico @JacksonGlass Good catch. #
  • @andylevy It has assisted GPS, not the same thing as standalone GPS. in reply to andylevy #
  • @andylevy Looks like assisted GPS is on the Wi-Fi + 3G models #
  • @ramblingred Damn, I’m ignorant (but the GPS is only on WiFi+3G models, so I feel mildly vindicated) in reply to ramblingred #
  • RT @rstevens: Most tempting iPad feature is 3G data w/o a voice plan. Been wanting to be hard to call for years now. #
  • RT @TheAnchoress: On NPR, I give Pope Benedict blogging advice: “get @Instapundit to link to you!” | Popealanche! #

Thursday, January 28

  • I’m confused. How does a 3 year spending freeze save $250 billion over 10 years? #
  • @mkhammer Fox News in 1994: Yeah, but Fox would have led the charge if they were around. That’s the narrative. in reply to mkhammer #
  • @IMAO_ You shouldn’t express disagreement with the President. Even quietly. Or mentally. Or through dance. #
  • @seanhackbarth @IMAO_ Miming will result in immediate execution. But that has nothing to do with the president. #
  • @daveweigel Who said “We trained O’Keefe”? I don’t remember that… in reply to daveweigel #
  • @seanhackbarth I think we can let shadow puppets slide. Just don’t use them on Gitmo detainees. in reply to seanhackbarth #
  • @daveweigel Fair enough… well done! in reply to daveweigel #
  • @D_B_Inman Ah… so the standard increases resume, but the freeze effect holds across future spending, right? in reply to D_B_Inman #
  • RT @IMAO_: Hitler makes everything funnier. Except war. #
  • RT @D_B_Inman: $250b savings over 10 years is like saying I just saved $25,000 over 10 years by not putting $10,000 on the credit card #
  • Glenn Greenwald: Supreme Court members should turn the other cheek, but not in a religious way #

Friday, January 29

Saturday, January 30

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