Twitter Weekly Updates for January 24, 2010

I use Twitter too much. I basically use it as an overflow for my brain in order to maintain some consistent history of links that I like and thing that I thought were funny.

But Twitter is really bad if you want to remember something that happened over a week ago, so I’ve started using Twitter Tools to archive my tweets in something hat is a little easier to figure out.

Original Content

  • “The 9/11 truthers responded poorly to my compromise theory” #
  • Someone yells something, Brown says “We can do this”, @TommyXtopher files under “Brown Rape” #
  • As a part time comedian, I support Martha Coakley for Senate. Each day will bring new comedy gold. #
  • Man, I would be happy to never hear the word “rape” again in the context of the MA Senate race. #
  • Thanks to everyone who voted to support me. We did it! I’m speaking at the MIX conference! #
  • Wait a second! Marcia Coakley isn’t on this ballot! Must be a conspiracy. #MASen #
  • Want to see me speak or just hang out? I may be coming to a town near you! #
  • MIT student via KLo: “I will be shocked if Brown doesn’t win” #
  • Hey! Marcia Coakley’s name isn’t even on this ballot! It’s that damn Bush… he’s stealing the vote! #
  • .@factcheckdotorg takes Coakley campaign to task #
  • Which show that I haven’t seen should I start watching? Heroes, Chuck, Castle, The Wire? Only have time for one. #
  • Watching Red Eye: Did @secupp really just complain about Anderson Cooper & “polite television”? On Red Eye?? #
  • Worked from home today & stock market rose 100! Must stay home tomorrow. For the good of the country. #
  • Going to shovel snow. Will return as poll results come in. Unless the internets blow up. #
  • Dear investors: There are NO Krispy Kremes in Salt Lake City. Fix this now. (@seanhackbarth reminded me) #
  • OK… so what’s a good election night drinking game? #
  • I’m gonna take a shot every time @AceofSpadesHQ mentions his unmentionables. Alcohol poisoning, here I come! #
  • Early results in: looks like Brown is in trouble #pessimism #
  • Romney won in 2002 with 50% of the vote. Brown is running competitive with Romney. It’ll be close. #
  • Wow! Brown 52%, Coakley 47%… with 45% in. That looks like a win for Brown. Down the hatch! #
  • At 75%, if the numbers haven’t changed, it’s over for Coakley. (I think it’s over now) #
  • @PoliticalMath celebrates the Brown win #
  • How did Brown win this one? I blame George W. Bush. And global warming. #
  • New twitter picture to celebrate the Brown victory tonight. #
  • I want a full report from @AceofSpadesHQ on his adventures tonight. I haven’t forgotten, Ace. #
  • Who knew that “change we could believe in” meant a Republican Senator from Massachusetts? #
  • More from Zogby on his “Coakley by 1” hunch #
  • Scott Brown wins MA, stocks collapse over 150 points. Say it with me: Correlation does NOT EQUAL causation. #
  • Amazon offers more Kindle royalties, will stop beating authors with their own withered arms #
  • Note to GOP: Want to extend this win? 2 issues: Transparency. Smaller gov’t. #
  • Want to win as an [R] in MA? Must be an insanely attractive white male with gentle tones of gray in your hair #Romney #Brown #
  • Watching “The Outlaw Josey Wales” to celebrate. Don’t know why. Maybe Mr. Daniels does. #
  • Zogby predicted a Coakley win by 1ish%. 6% wrong is a big margin #
  • I was going to take a new picture for Twitter, but I’m lazy. So I’m using @IMAO_’s for the day #
  • After some thought, I don’t think looking like Frank J. is a constructive long-term solution. #
  • That’s better. New avatar in case anyone sees me at #CPAC next month and wants to say “hi” #
  • I’m kinda bummed we don’t have Martha Coakley to kick around anymore. So many great jokes… #
  • – Weekly Standard’s @McCormackJohn gets ready for another day on the campaign trail #
  • Obama admin’s solution for student loans is… wait for it… gov’t takeover! #
  • Don’t worry everyone. I took my Ritalin this morning. #
  • .@asymetricinfo says: “Healthcare reform opponents better stop popping champagne corks & start dialing their congressmen” #
  • I love Jon Stewart when he beats up liberals. What? He beat up a conservative? He’s such a liberal jerk. #
  • Heard at work: “The day after I bought my truck, a stranger at 7/11 asked if I would help him move” #
  • Crayola colors by year. Awesome. (via @ryanhash) #
  • Michael Barone has a list of the Congressional seats that could flip D to R in 2010 #
  • Ilya Somin looks at consequences if corporations don’t get constitutional protections #
  • Ha! @annalthouse says: “It’s a prostitute named Cuddles, going all PC. That’s quite something.” #
  • Watching “Back to the Future 2” for the first time in 8 years. Liking it a lot more than I thought I would. #
  • Looking at Axiis, a Flex framework for data visualization. Interesting, but not mind blowing #
  • Just found journalist/data viz enthusiast @eulken, discovered there are over 1200 chihuahuas named ‘princess’ in LA #
  • More of @eulken’s work… #


  • RT @greggutfeld: Since #24 is in real time, i just ran to 18th and Broadway to help out. I’m waiting here til 11, then i’m going home #
  • RT @alyankovic: – โ€ฆthen on the 24th, please throw a brick through your TV and set your house on fire. #
  • RT @DrewPearce: Doing math. Feels good. #GEEK #
  • RT @IMAO_: My prediction: Close race. Coakley will get 55%, but Brown will barely win with 56%. #
  • RT @VodkaPundit: Intrade: Bettors now buying Scott Brown at 83. #MAsen | Strikes me as optimistic #
  • RT @wconnorwalsh: Intrade had Hoffman 65-35 (via @seanhackbarth) #
  • RT @JonahNRO: What can Brown do for you? Send socks soaring | ARRGGHH! Correlation != Causality… mind exploding! #
  • Man, some people get bitter over every little thing RT @ebertchicago: Massachusetts to Teddy: “F–k you.” #
  • RT @GayPatriot: BREAKING NEWS: Martha Coakley seen stumbling thru MA streets with large tire tracks on her back! via @Herfarm, @tannerk #
  • RT @DLB1752: .@marthacoakley <— officially pwnd #
  • RT @toddeherman: Hmm …Do I smell cigarette smoke coming from the White House residence quarters? #
  • RT @IMAO_: Hardest hit: Glenn Beck. Hard to work this into his “We’re all doomed!” shtick. #
  • RT @IMAO_: RT @TheThomason: A Democrat lost in Massachusetts? That’s like Glenn Beck losing a crying contest #
  • RT @markknoller: Obama complains that “itโ€™s become standard practice in DC to give contracts to companies that donโ€™t pay their taxes.” #
  • RT @amoylan: I declare a moratorium on calling MA “Tax”achussets for at least a month (snip) #
  • RT @freemanhunt: I admit to being a teensy bit excited that many are convinced Brown won b/c Obama isn’t left enough. Heh. #
  • RT @daveweigel: BREAKING: In wake of Citizens United ruling, Goldman Sachs announces presidential bid, stating “Let’s cut out the middleman” #
  • RT @asymmetricinfo The “GOP are [sexist/racist]” column is done to death. Get a novel crime. Freemasonry? Trotskyism? Albigensian heresy? #
  • I had no idea Air America was still on RT @brianstelter: BREAKING: Air America Media says it is ceasing live programming this afternoon. #
  • RT @IMAO_: RT @Randazzoj: There comes a time to set aside childish things. Except silly putty. #
  • RT @ExJon: Bush is just doing this to raise his poll numbers. RT @andylevy UK raised terror threat level from SUBSTANTIAL to SEVERE. #
  • RT @SunFoundation: Did the Supreme Court just let foreign companies spend freely on USA political campaigns?: #
  • RT @andylevy: RT @mediaite: Is Keith Olbermann Losing it? I’m sorry… what “it” thing did he previously have? #


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