Visualizing the CRU E-Mails

Very cool visualization of the Climategate e-mails over here. For more information see the Computational Legal Studies blog post.

Additionally, they have hub and authority scores for the authors of the e-mails. I like.

Thanks to Pankaj Gupta and Drew Conway for pointing me to this.


  1. politicalmath says:

    I do want to see the data. And I’ll take a look at whatever they release. Sadly, it looks like they don’t even have the raw data… only the “adjusted” data.

    Losing the original data strikes me an almost criminal negligence in this line of work.

  2. Bill says:

    They didn’t “lose” it. They deleted it to “save space” during a move. I put that in sarcasm quotes because I cannot begin to imagine any scientist worthy of the name deliberately deleting the raw datasets.

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