Resource tracking and reporting

ERP provides complete visibility into core business processes and optimizes systems through superior resource tracking and reporting. This enables the company to better understand the systems it manages and thus provide insights into how to improve systems. Get more info about erp vendors here!

IBM’s portfolio of integrated computing platforms, developed and produced for commercial use, encompasses x86, x64 and PowerPC processors. The products are primarily offered as standalone products, combined into systems, or as fully integrated products that support software applications and the entire computing experience.

IBM employs over 5,200 people, located in 21 facilities worldwide. Its research and development activities span several key technology areas:

Computer Architecture

Computing Technology

Systems Architecture and Design

Data Center Operations and IT Solutions

Data Center Design

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

IBM employs over 20,000 people and has annual sales of more than $22 billion in over 130 countries. In FY16, it has over $28.6 billion in sales and generated $10.7 billion in operating profit.

For further information on IBM, please visit the company’s website at For more information on OpenStack, please visit

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  1. Zach says:

    Dude, on the one hand I respect what you are trying to do here, but on the other I got to say: “What is the point?”

    When people don’t know how many millions are in a trillion and when the average person doesn’t understand the first thing about compound interest or the difference between inflation and consumer price increases (hint: one of them actually measures the growth of the money supply), what are you going to do?

    Yeah, you have friends out there that think like you and me. We all have IQs high enough to make us the smartest person on the whole damn subway train. We all “get” it. But the masses won’t vote for a penny pincher for long, and the elite will keep them indebted ’till they’re homeless on the land their fathers conquered.

    Do what I’m doing: Peace out.

    Have a little place in the country with stocked food and ammo and let the indebted burn the world down.

  2. Blaise says:

    I totally respect what is being done here.

    Don’t stop.

    Thanks for the website tip. I am always looking for raw data.

  3. Joshua says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Although the site might seem a little “useless” to the average folks we will all be surprised at what software developers will do with the data APIs they have access to now.